bitch-it's a compliment
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2001-09-20 04:59:18 (UTC)


So anyways that guy I was talking about that moved from
me. Well we got into a fight about, you know, little
things. Anyways I'm going to let him cool off and blame it
on me as usual. He'll get over it. Damn little things!
kidding. So yeah and the other guy-the shy one-I was
talking to one of my friends and he three-wayed him and
told me to shut up and listen. So he was asking him all
these questions about if he was going to ask me out and
stuff. I feel so bad because he had me on the same line,
and I heard all of it. Well what he said was that he would
think about asking me out. So I'm kinda glad he didn't say
that he would or wouldn't. Damn its cold in here! So
yeah I hope he doesn't ask soon if he decides to ask.
Cause I'm real nervous and stuff. BUTTERFLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got real pist at my bestfriend today because she is so
self-centered. I mean she wasn't like that when we met but
geez within the past year-it's all about HER! Poor her
about everything. I've tried telling her that she should
ease up but she just gets mad at me. So I just let it
slide. Yeah this sucks. So I have no idea what to about
all this. Somebody tell me what I should do. I don't care
anymore. I'm gonna go, I'm ice cold and tired. Laterz
mood-in complete awe

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