Boredom: life of a teenager
2000-11-07 02:09:06 (UTC)

November 6th, 2000 Today is..

November 6th, 2000

Today is Monday, did I ever mention previously how i HATE mondays. They are horrible, and there is always something bad that
you would have had to study for or something on a Monday, and how you have an extra day to do work, so teachers automatically
think that that means give more homework or something, it isnt like anyone actually does more work, or do they and i am just a
slacker? Either way, Mondays suck. Well this monday wasnt all that bad, i mean, nothing BAD happened, just didnt feel too well
and after and exhausting weekend I just didnt want to get up. Mrs. Bertaud was gone today, woohoo, free period in Latin, but we
a MAJOR test tomorrow, like AP questions and all, I am so gonna fail. We started stuff on the research paper today in English, well
prepping for it, we dont even know our options yet. Math, doc is a psycho and I have a test tomorrow on a calc section that lets see
here, I know NOTHING, lepek was lepek, its hard to make religion all that much fun, well i dont know it wasnt bad, lunch, free period,
and a killer US history exam i dont think i bombed too badly... atleast!
Now that you know my wrath of mondays, let me tell you alittle about myself. My name is Shannon, I am 16 and a Junior in High
School. I go to a Catholic/Private school, In Mundelein, IL.... Carmel... the values are for life. Ive lived in the Northwest subarbs of
Chicago my whole life, going to religious school for that whole time as well... dont worry i am not a church freak, i barely ever go. SO
yea. My mom grew up around here, my dad in denver, i have an older bro, Brian, who is 21, he goes to Notre Dame, about 21/2
away. I am really not too sure what else there is to know about me, thats basically it, my life is dull... nothin like a soap opera.
So anyway, i guess you will learn all that is needed to know about me, my family and friends and sorts, in due time. So yea, this
past weekend as i stated previously was hectic. One of my brothers best friend who happens to be my friends brother, passed away
on halloween. He died of a brain anurism, very tragic and unexpected. However, Friday evening was the wake, saturday the funeral.
My mother being the little hostess she is, invited people over both nights, Saturday being a huge kegger for all the college students
home from school, the party numbered, oh i would say about 70 or so, so i big blow out. But all in all it was exhausting, so much to
do, so much to mourn, and so much to celebrate. Because of this event, death will be a large portion of entries to come in the near
future, today however, i am not in a mood to discuss it, other than stating... i know it is a rebirth, but i cant help but be sad, how can i
be happy when someone close to me is taken, i am sorry, i guess i am just selfish.
Next topic.....teenagers today. Its almost sad to think that i find myself an outsider at times because i dont do drugs, i dont
and i dont get wasted every weekend, i mean the ladder, is more normal in my mind, that i wouldnt mind, but i just dont get it.
i am jealous of those who do,not because they are hurting themselves tho, it seems that they all have more friends, they all group
together, party every weekend and have a great time, but i just sit with a
few selected friends, not saying i dont have fun, i do, but i just dont know, i think i need a wider range of friends, i think i have been
thinking that for the last 2 years, and it is finally starting to come true... maybe. I am not saying that i dont like my friends that i have,
i do, i have had the same best friends for like ever, since the first day of kindergarten, and they mean more to me that anything, i love
them to death, but ya know, we all need to get out more, truly experience what high school has to offer, and i am not tlaking about
different elective courses either. One thing that i wish to change about my friends, is the guys, i really dont have any guy friends. I
did have a bunch of guys from my old school over this weekend, but thats different, i mean different guys i havent known since i was
5... ya know. And who knows i have a feeling this is the year that stuff will happen, whatever i am a dork, am i serioulsy writing this?
think so!!!!
We only have 21/2 more days of school this week, there is a dance, the tiki room, at school on friday, but i am not going, i dont
think, bc is playing nd on sat, and i have tickets, and i would rather go on friday night than wake up early to go on saturday morning,
but missing a dance means no friends coming with, you know what i mean, not many people enjoy missing dances. But thats that,
we will see if i do anything interesting this long weekend!
Ok... love... i dont have one. Makes life boring considering, i dont have a prospect either, i mean, i dont even like anyone.
that will change too, make life more enjoyable, for the mean time, i best be going and start studying for my two bitches of tests
tomorrow, someday soon i will get to my wrath of schooling.
~Please dont get me wrong thinking i dont like my friends, i do, i love them all very dearly, i just wish to expand... you know?!?!
Signing off for today: SHANNON MARQUETTE MCCABE
* dont forget tomorrow is VOTING day!