champagne supernova
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2003-02-03 23:42:08 (UTC)

"ostriches dont fly"

well my weekend was evenful! saw chicago..formal.. and
yesterday was very nice!
mom and lil and i went to the park and had a picnic! it
was great! and we fed the ducks..and it was good old
childish fun that i enjoyed very muhc.. i ate peanut butter
& jelly sandwhiches...cheetos... chocolate chip cookies...
and juice boxes! i felt like i was 2 years old... it was
great! then we gave the ducks lotts of bread and
crackers..i felt so young hearted.. and seeing my sister
happy was enough of an award for me! after wards we went
and got ice cream .. i had something pink and fruity..oh
yes...SHERBERT! that stuff is great! i dont rememerb that
being around when i was younger! and then.. i went over
to denashleys and they had a teeny party that wasnt so
teeny..there was like half of the drama kids there! i loved
it! we watched pieces of chicago! and ate..and ate..and hey was a weekend.. so the hell not?
and i kicked denises butt in pool and in darts!! i killed
her! and she will not admitt it! grr ! one day ill sit on
top of her and beat it out of her u watch..and asley
decided that micheal jordan was a female athlete begining
with the letter "j" corn ball!! love u my
girls! and well...there was lots of affection in the everyoine is hooking up and im happy for them..(
jacob and dri...mycheal and william) so on and so
made me miss my one and only as usual.. but it was good
time none the less... and speaking of affection and missing
there sure steve was missing his bisexual
girlfriend just then..... HAHA! im sorry but steve ... is
a bigger corn ball then ashley and i combined ! and thast
pretty darn big! ok bobby is gonna call soon i gotta go!
love yall!