Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-02-03 23:27:10 (UTC)

Ocarina Ocarina...

I've spent far too much time these last few days trying to
play Zelda on the GameBoy, and compare the Ballad Of The
Windfish to the Wind Of Change by The Scorpions. From what
I know, they seem similar, and it wouldn't take too long
to find out either way, if the game didn't keep crashing
on my ass!

Other than this I've been sleeping a lot, and cleaning.
Its a lot easier to do these things if there's no-one in
the house with you, I find. The incentive
is...well...there which I find it not to be on other days.

Also, my chair (the one sculpted to my body's every nook
and cranny) has finally given up the ghost to be replaced
by something a lot less nice...a new chair. To be in this
house next year. As I will also be. So today was
productive on a sorting level.

I worry about the two friends I mentioned in here most
recently. I don't want them doing anything dodgy together.
(Not that kind of dodgy, but...anything I don't want them
to. They might; they're that kind of person).

And now? Back to Zelda, I'm afraid.