What it's like to be sucks..
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2001-09-20 04:23:58 (UTC)

Bored out of my GOURD!

I'm so bored.

Jenn and Clay are across the hall in his room watching a
movie. Thanks for inviting me guys!!!

I'm not really homesick, I just feel like I have no friends
who like me. People talk to me and stuff, but I think just
b/c Jenn's busy with something else.

I talked to my mom today. That was okay. My brother's
coming to pick me up after my last class on the 28th (next
Friday). I'm pretty excited. The weekend is JAM PACKED,
though!! Get this:
I have to get my hair re-hilited.
I have to hang out with Buddy.
I have to go pick up Maddie and drive back to Edison.
I have to go visit Ray at Sports Authority.
I have to go eat dinner at Uncle Den's (STROMBOLIS!!!).
I have to get shoes for Aunt Carrie's wedding.
I have to try on my bridesmaid's dress.
I have to go to the bridal shower.
I have to leave at like 5 on Sunday and come back here.



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