2001-09-20 04:14:49 (UTC)

Stellar, babe.

So I went down to Strands, actually, the parking lot. Sat
in Di's car, nice piece of machinery. Kat and Jess were
rockin' out, Aaron was kickin' it, Sara's truck almost fell
apart as I jumped up and down on it. So a good 15 minutes
of chill time. These people next to where I parked were
chillin', and this dude was playing with some camcorder or
something. I guess he overheard when we were talking about
IN'N'OUT, and he was wondering if we were going there. I
said no, and he asked how far away it was, I said a good 15
minute drive. I guess they were from out of town. They
seemed alright though. They were playing the Ataris, so I
was amped about that, and commented on it. Stellar people,
except the chicks smoked. Ah well, nobody is perfect.
Yeah, hit the JBox, spicy chicken sandwich. Hells yeah.
Despite the fact that SOME people don't like JBox...I won't
mention names, you know who you are. So, Alex and Aaron
have both read my journal, people who I didn't think
would. Alex commented on how I don't mention him in there,
and he can only relate to my off subject question/comments
at the end of each journal. Which makes me wonder, do I
take our friendship for granted? He and I hang out all the
time, and am I not appreciating all the stuff we do
together, not to mention a whole lotta shit he's done for
me? (numerous car rides, weezer stuff, drive to car fix place where
SOMETHING BAD happened, tons of HW help) I mean, have I spent SO
much time with him that I forget that he does all this stuff for me?
Has it become a part of me? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Things to ponder about. Talked to Ashleigh online, good gal, she
is. Very unbiased about things, which I find very spectacular and
impressive. I need to sleep, 930 I will be in bed, asleep. Sleep,
sleep, sleep. Love sleep. Lemme get this straight. I put
up "LRG..blah blah...REPRESENT." Someone puts up "Represent..no no
no we dont claim that." Coincidence? You do the math. My car
is so dirty, birds decided to shit ALL over it. I gotta wash it
now. Like I'm gonna wash it, I'm a lazy bum. The Lazy King. That's
me. Long journal. Fin.

Why in the world would someone make a postcard that said, "Girls are
no substitute for PS2" ? It's mean, and it's like, you arn't good
enough for me girls. Playstation 2 is ultimate. Yah, whoever
thought of that is a jackass. The funny thing is, I bought one. For
Kat. A very nice and pretty GIRL. HAHA, I'm a "bloody lil wanker."

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