Jamie H

Pretty Baby
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2003-02-03 23:08:09 (UTC)

Today . . .

Today went well, I got out at 12:15 because it is a new
semester. I told myself I need to work harder than I did
last semester. I passed all my classes!!! I thought I
wasn't going to pass them. Technically I didn't . . . I
got a F in Accounting but she changed it because it was 1%
off from an D. Anyway . . . I got picked up by my mom's
boyfriend to get the 27' T.V. that I am borrowing. Today I
found a laptop I want and need since this year is my last
year in High School and my mom's computer always freezes.
I need to find a job and make $500.00 because I need to
have atleast $500.00 in the bank. Ryan called me last night
and acted normal which is funny because him and I are
arguing. He is going to call tonight probably . . . and I
have another 4-H meeting tonight. I have accounting
homework also. Which sucks because I don't feel like doing
it BUT I am going to make myself do my homework this
Semester so I can pass my classes. Today I found out that
there isn't going to be summer school . . . I don't really
don't care because this is my last year!! Then I am going
to Ohlone . . . and I think I am going to see my Ex
boyfriend there. Him and I haven't talked since
Christmas. He is online right now . . . but he never talks
to me. Him and I are really close friends or atleast WAS.
I told James that I liked Dana today. Which I do . . . she
is soo HOT!!!! I sit next to her in Choir. So . . . I
guess I will write tomorrow if I have time. ~*Bye*~