My Little World
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2003-02-03 23:06:36 (UTC)


Today was a snowday!!!!! it was soooo nice getting to stay
home and just chill.....So we cleaned the house and i
cleaned my room...and i mean cleaned it! it looks really
nice and it smells good too! so now it is 6:04 and i am
waiting for Allen to get on the computer so i can talk to
him! i miss him soooooo much! it feels like 4 months
since i saw him yesterday!!! the week days go by really
slow but the weekend go by SOOOO FAST!!! now dont you
think that it should be the other way around? Well, i do..
so that's good! haha!! well, i gatta go! i'll write again
later!!!! ~Me

P.s. i miss allen soooo bad!:(:(