Hollei's world
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2003-02-03 22:18:13 (UTC)

High School

Monday. February 4, 2003. Just another day, or so I
thought. I woke up, wondering if I really NEEDED to go to
school. Even with the inches of snow piled up outside, and
the sheets of ice on the windshields, I already knew that
we would have school. School is never cancelled where I am.
Still...today was almost considered a "ditch" day, and I
really wanted to fall back into bed and get a few more
hours in. Instead, I got myself up, got dressed and headed
out the door. Today...was diversity day. A whole day
devoted to listening to speakers talk about why being
diverse is good. Truthfully, I knew our school needed this
talk. 99% white students, in a 100% rich community needed
all the diversity they could get. The day I almost didn't
go to school, changed my life. I watched as men tore phone
books in half and tossed the pages into the bleachers. I
watched as they broke cement bricks with their bare hands.
I watched as they took us through different scenerios, and
different stories...and slowly I realized that I was
changing. At the end of the day, I knew that something
needed to stop. The girl who sits by herself at lunch
needed a friend. The boy who gets laughed at needed a
guidance. Even I, needed help. I've always been pretty well
accepted. Maybe not necessarily one of the popular
students, but definately not considered a "dork" either. I
have my group of friends that I do EVERYTHING with, and I
even have my best friend who knows everything...but
sometimes it's not enough. So, with this message (though
maybe not a big message) I am hoping that you realize that
maybe, maybe you could help someone. Invite someone new to
sit with you at lunch. Smile at someone you don't know and
wave. Help this world to be a better place....please.