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2001-09-20 00:31:55 (UTC)

When I recovered my sweet friends - learning to apart the enemies

I recovered my friends. I did it before I identified that
there is enemies in my life. People that uses people to
get advantages. I show to my enemies my face, that I knew
who they are. And later I change an apointment almost
evening. So I could meet my sweet friends. They ever was
there I couldn't see it before. Now I need to seed more
I'm doing some therapy to open my feelings. It will be
good for all my friends. To have feelings will make me
more carefull with them. They will feel safe and can
grow better people.
I can do better. I passed all life being educated to be
a winner. Just need a heart. With success I could help
more friends and someday the society. The nature is a
My friends are back with me and they are happy to have
me again. Next level is coming to my heart.