Random Thoughts
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2001-09-20 03:27:50 (UTC)


Ok...I know that everybody has probably heard all
that "Girls/Guys are so confusing." crap. I mean what
teenager hasn't muttered those words atleast 10 trillion
times in the last week or so? But in all seriousness I
honestly do believe that women of the heterosexual
persusion are seriously out to confuse and dissilusion guys.

Or maybe i'm just a naive nice guy asshole who should take
may head out of the sand and actually look around? Why
must we play games to be attracted to each other. If two
people like each other why can't they just say it? That
would be way to easy wouldn't it? I can kind of understood
that cause I myself have been turned off to certain girls
that I would deam too easy to catch and not much of a chase
at all.

But wouldn't that just make a relationship suck? If the
whole relationship was based one nothing but the chase? I
think it would. After you've got what you fought so long
for your kinda, well this is nice, and it's never as good
as you think it's going to be. When your chasing someone
you don't pay attention to the things that they do that
piss you off. All you ever think about is how wonderful he
or she is and how much you adore them.

I say fuck that. Take your head out of your ass and before
you start believing someone is the most wonderful person in
the world you need to seriously evaluate the things that he
or she might do that will annoy you, cause lemme tell you,
if you do win the chase those things are going to stick out
after the dust has settled.

So anyways, maybe I should get back to the topic at hand eh?
Why I believe girls are out to confuse and dissilusion
guys. Take for instance this girl I like. One minute
she's leaving sweet messages for me on my IM when i'm not
at home, and the next minute I can barely get a word out of
her when I talk to her. Talk about mixed signals! But I
could really care less about the mixed signals, cause it's
different when i'm around her. Feeling her body touching
mine puts a smile on my face for 24 hours straight, and i'm
not even talking about a sexual kinda touching. What does
it all mean fuck if I know. I just write here so that I
can vent and maybe everynow and then one of you helpless
passer-byer's on this super highway we call the internet
will stop and reed my scribblings. Good Day.