Traded your worth for these scars...
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2001-09-20 03:26:36 (UTC)


my diary has been read. By who? I do not know. Names are

I accompished everything I wanted to on my day off. I rubber
cemented all of my scrapbook pages and I cleaned. A lot. I'm

It rained today. I hope it doesn't rain Friday night. Of
course, it's rained on Homecoming for the past 3 years, why
break the streak?

Apparently Becky's mom made her take the outfit I picked out
for her to wear back. Whatever. I thought that outfit was
really cute and really fitting. But.. I guess I thought
wrong. Oh well. At least her make-up will still look good:)

I think I'm starting to get a cold... AGAIN. I swear, my
immune system is so weak. It can't handle anything. It's a

I need to some new tennis shoes. Hmm.. I should do that this

Some people apparently don't like talkin to me on IM. I hate
that. Cause ya know, I'm an interesting person to talk to:)
Maybe they think I'm ugly?

Haha.. just kidding.