A sad story
2001-09-20 03:20:49 (UTC)


Here is a poem that I wrote when I was ten. It isn't the
best, but I was only ten.

I cry myself to sleep
for all the pain I feel
Why did it happen to me
All I wanted was a meal

I was ready to go out
and have a day of fun
You watched me get ready
and stopped me before I could run.

You locked me up in my room
and said you had something in mind
You came closer and grabbed me
then my hair you started to wind.

Slowly you led me to my bed
and told me to calm down
I told you I wanted out
and you said, "Stop being a clown."

You started putting your hand
farther and farther down my shirt
and then the other hand
was going up my skirt.

My clothes were being pulled away
I screamed but was not heard
He warned me to stop
and not to say a word

You laid on top of me
and then I felt the pain
I kicked and screamed
but it was all in vain

There was no one around
to lend a helping hand
Why couldn't I be the old me again
a nine year old in the sand

I was so clean and pure and happy
but it soon came to an end
I want to be myself again
and my past I want to mend

But for now, I cry myself to sleep
because I feel so much pain
And I'll feel like that even
when I'm old and with a cane