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2003-02-03 20:53:47 (UTC)

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Today started out as a really good day but now its just
kind of going down the drain since i have more time to
think about things. at the beggining of the day i have a
alot of stuff to do so all the bad things that i think
about are at thier low point...i mean they're still on my
mind just not as much. but at the closing of the day i have
a lot of time to think about things that i dont really want
to think about.
Guys are so confusing! I so wish that i didn't have soft
spot for them and i could just like blow them all off and
not have one single bad feeling left within me. but it's so
hard. I mean its not hard if they are jerks and your mad at
them. But if they havent done anything to make you mad or
to be upset with them then its hard to be mean to them.
Anywayz.... i have been realizing how much i wish here
lately. If all my wishes came true then the world would be
a completely different place, good or bad i dont know. i
would hope it would be a better place but i really dont
know if it would or not. well i got to get ppl. later all!