Translucent Dreams
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2003-02-03 20:52:11 (UTC)

Confessions for a Monday

As any Monday goes, I am completely and utterly
bored. I seriously sometimes question the existance of the
day or why in fact, it is always so drear. IfMonday
is so bad, I do wonder why in god's fucking name it exists.
Anyways, yes so today was kid of boring and bad. My
friend, we will call him, Kitten, was in a really strange
mood. Or so it seemed to me. Kitten's rent grounded him.
Meaning social time with Kitten may not exist for a long
and horrible while. Plus Kitten never wants to comeover and
spiele mit mir. Sucks ass. Primarily because Kitten's
strained relationship with my mother. I really wish their
relationship was good. In fact i pray to some god I don't
believe just to have a moment of bliss such as that. Before
last month Kitten and my mother got a long very well, and I
yearn, i cry because I want things to be like that. For
myself, my mother, and Kitten to be happy. But that isn't
going to happen now is it. Not for a while at least. Kitten
says he doesn't really want to stop over my house anymore.
He told me that about three or four weeks ago. He say he
doesn't want to come over for a few months. I told him one
month away from my mom is sufficient. He's apprehensious
and I can understand why. But he should realize that the
love I have for will protect him, giving him every reason
to come to my house. It's not like we don't see eachother,
we do everyday. It's just strange to have someone I care so
deeply for refuse to be in a place that I find somewhat
comforting. Oh well enough of my Kitten.
Introduction of new friend, I shall call
her Friend. She is my favorite person to be around,
besides Kitten. I called her today to look up the
Elementary school's phone number (my moms work place) see
today i locked myself out of the house around noon, and I
had to be back at school around 1:00 well, I finally got my
mom's number from Friend and I called but it took
like 40 minutes for her to get there. I sat in the car for
that time. I really am pathetic. But hey these are just my
confessions for a Monday