2003-02-03 20:51:57 (UTC)

ahh yeah. funnie fun fun

ah today sucked... alot! but yesterday was fukin awesome.
Ian had came over and like well,,, this happened, like he
got pink hair and a makeover with a bunch of make up which
is funny ass looking. and even the hair color and lighting
it on fire, omg i never laughed mah ass off soo hard in
mah fuckin life. that was sooo funny.i swear to go i peed
mah pants that nite. and even the condom and corinee was
blowing it up and she;s like "oh dude they come pre lubed"
haha i thought fo sho we were going to get into some major
ass trouble. and all the glue and the face make up on ur
shirt was pretty funny. well i'm out luv ya all