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2003-02-03 20:37:23 (UTC)

please dont leave me... without saying goodbye...

if you haven't noticed... almost all of my diary entry
titles are lyrics from random songs... usually the song
i'm listening to when i start writing. lately the whole
girlfriend thing has been going on ya know... the ups and
downs of relationships. high school relationships tend to
suck but you get over it. you find the people you are most
compatible with. i honestly really like the idea of good
friends starting to see eachother..you get past all that
introduction bull shit and if you know each other well
enough then if it's not working you just go back to good
friends. although the story always goes like this...you ask one of
your good opposite sexed friends if they like you and shit... or you
flirt... or send messages..you know how it goes..well then they pull
the whole i don't want to ruin our friendship thing...now that's
okay with me but i wish they'd just say "i dont want to go out with
you, or i dont like you more than that." but i'm not aiming this at
any one person it just happens to alot of people...
band is becoming more and more polar... explanation... it's either
really really fun or it sucks. it's fun when i can actually play the
material and everyone has a laugh or two and all that mumbo jumbo,
but it sucks when it's really hard and my section's called to play
their part cus i just sit there and look dumb, i get really
embarassed. i need to get better, quickly.
not much coming up really soon. slowly i'm gaining back my moms
trust so i'm let out more. it's not so bad anymore, i just cant
spend the night anyway, which sucks cus that blows out any late
night activies out of the water, oh well consequences for stupid
actions. word of the wise...if you're gonna do drugs and shit... DO
NOT GET CAUGHT!!! it's sucks, trust me...
well that's all now, keep the emo music blaring!!! (well of course i
listen to other stuff, but still do it!)