K-Chan's Media Journal
2001-09-20 03:07:19 (UTC)

random ramblings on stp and Gundam Wing


Today on the train I saw this middle aged, kinda gray haired
black guy with a leather jacket listening to Stone Temple
Pilots on his headphones really loudly. One side of me was
like "cool dude, rock on!" The other side of me was like,
"man, you could do a -lot- better than STP"

For the past week, I've been looking at my almost-complete
collection of Gundam Wing DVD's and shuddered in revulsion.
I mean, I really don't want to see a show about war right
now, even if it is anime. For a couple of days after the WTC
attacks, I was considering selling my DVD's cause I wasn't
sure if I could ever see it again. Then I realized that I am
a pussy.

Damn it, I still love the show. Crappy animation aside, it
is really good. Rather than being a show that glorifies war,
I really think it does show how morally conflicting war is,
and how generally good people, who are fighting for what they
think is just, can do some really fucked
up things, and that maybe...fighting for total pacifism
isn't a completely contradictory concept.

My roommate says GW is really a statement about post WWII
Japan and their views on war and peace and I can buy that,
but I think--and maybe I'm given the show and us fans too
much credit here--some of the hard-core younger fans here in
the US may watch the show a bit differently now, and maybe
come up with their own conclusions about the role of war in
maintaing peace. In my case, I realize maybe I am more like
Quatre than I thought I was......

Speaking of Quatre, I thought since I have this semi-public
forum I'd like to add: 3x4 FOREVER!!!