A Rey of Light
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2003-02-03 19:49:33 (UTC)


Hi anyone one who reads this...I started writing this
story and I would like comments on how it sounds. Please write back
with your comments...thanks!

The castle door opened and a rugged knight came crawling
out. “You must help us,” he said handing Samantha a
key, “you must.” She awoke suddenly with a jolt of fright
wondering if what had happened was real. “It must’ve been
a dream,” she assured herself, “but then why do I have the

“WHAT, we’re moving!,” Samantha screamed at her
mother. “Yes, and to a lovely little town in South
Carolina,” Sam’s mother said excitedly, “it’s a beautiful
place really Sam, just give it a chance.” “Why, all they
do down there is reenact the civil war all the time and…”
Sam gave up the argument and stormed upstairs to her
bedroom, there was no chance of winning this fight.
The boxes were all packed and loaded in the moving
truck and before shed knew it they were on their way to
Scalidge, South Carolina. The truck was full of complete
silence the whole 4 hour trip. Sam was too angry to speak
to her mother and listened to music all the way down. “We
are here,” called Samantha’s mother. Sam peeked outside
from the trucks window, “It looks more like a shack than a
house’” she thought to herself. She didn’t have the
energy to get into an argument today.
The house was in the middle of the forest and no
where near civilization. Sam decided to go wandering
around to get away from her mother. She wasn’t looking
for anything special, actually she didn’t expect there was
anything interesting around there. Sam wandered for hours
and found nothing, as she had expected. There was nothing
but twigs, rocks, and leaves. It was getting dark so she
started on her way home. Crunch…crunch…crunch…Sam stopped
in her tracks, crunch…She twirled around terrified but saw
nothing. She continued on her way home and when she got
there, went straight to bed (her mother pointed out which
bedroom was hers when she walked in). Sam didn’t fall
asleep this night though instead she stayed awake thinking
if the woods really were slightly different.

Thanks and I'll write again soon...bye now!