Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-02-03 19:18:30 (UTC)


Ah, I'm fed up with hearing about that rocket which blew
up, disintegrated on re-entry, whatever. I mean, yeah it
was sad, there's questions needed to be answered but....7
people. It's in all the newspapers taking up half the whole
thing. That Iraq guy or wherever the hell he's from said
it's a sign from Allah that Allah is more powerful than
America. Duh! Did they pray for the spaceshuttle to blow
up? Morons. Ever heard of Ruusia? The Americans should just
leave space exploration to those guys.

Some guy found a WW2 hand grenade in his attic, the other
night. Everyone's finding WW2 explosives. It all started
with those bombs found in Germnay...then there was some
found a couple of week ago, and now this. Crikey. Why can't
I ever find anything great like that?? The greatest
discovery of my life was finding some pottery behind the

Well, it;s snowing. It's been snowing all day. I hate snow.
No, I like it. Well, I like snow, I just don't like people
when it's snowing. They HAVE to throw snowballs. Whyyyy??
Okay, I don't mind snowball throwing, just not at me. Not
anywhere near me. Not at school. I was praying that it'd
start snowing even more so that we would get to go home.
But, no. I had to stay the full duration of the day.

Oh, physics today was awesome! We did about radioactivity.
I swear, if things are this good in 6th form, I'm going to
do it next year. We did a test with Plutonium. Granted, it
was inside a box, inside a box, inside a box, but

The more I think about it, the more those KartoffelnKanones
sounds like a great idea.

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