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2001-09-20 02:54:33 (UTC)

triangles, hexagons, and other confusing configurations....

It was comic book store day, which is always fun. Laura
and I always go to the comic book store with Parker on
Wednesdays, and today Justin came with us. The Justin that
Amy likes. And is kind of dating. Even though she's in
love with Sean H., who is gay. Supposedly. Whatever. Anyway
you look it, it sucks for me... cuz Justin's really
sexy, and so is Amy... lol. Anywhoodles, I bought my very
first comic book today. :) Laura and I are both crazy,
but we love comic book store day (and singing songs from
Bat Boy: the musical, especially "Three Bedroom House"),
cuz for some reason it's just fun, even though we never buy
anything, today being the notable exception. The guys that
work there are funny, and it's just a nice atmosphere (even
if they won't give a box) Stress relief... hehe. But it
was an interesting combination today, between the four of
us. Justin and Parker are hilarious together ("beer, tits,
ass... what?"), and we're all absolutely crazy, and we joke
around a lot, and quasi-flirt, but in a purely platonic
way, if that makes any sense (I got to grab Justin's ass,
which is always nice! :)) And so, calculus tests aside,
today was fun, if slightly depressing...

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