files of the weenie kid
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2003-02-03 18:40:24 (UTC)

what a stoopid

I'm dumb. I havne't written in a while. But I just want to
say that I think I have a crush. Yep, i do. I just need to
find out if he likes me too. Maybe I'll find out today,
maybe I'll find out in 5 years.... whenever he's ready to
spill the beans, and trust me, I WILL wait that long if I
have to. My to do list:
1. Be his friend
2. Hang out A LOT
3. Put out the vibe (in a secret kind of way)
4. Don't deny liking him, but don't admit to it.
5. find out who he likes.
6. don't be gay.

I think that list should work... If i need to make any
corrections, i will...and i'll keep you updtaed as to how
the situation is working out.