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2001-09-20 02:45:39 (UTC)


yo whats happinin? not a thing here. im soo bored. i just
got home! and im ticked off cause my baby cant be on this
late, cause its like 11 her time. marissa i miss you soo

anways, i just wanna give a shout out to stephy and rach! i
miss ya both! u need to get online sometime so i can talk
to ya! k?

Oh yeah and stephy i love ya soo much, thx soo much for
introducing me to marissa! shes the greatest in the world.
ill be indept to you forever! thx!!!

all right i gotta go. its 10 o'clock and i still have 3
worksheets and 50 problems in math to do!!!!!!! oh god this
is gonna be on hell of a night!!!!

Anyways marissa i miss you soo much i need to hear from you
soon. you scared me real bad in your journal entry!!! i was
all flippy after i read it. i hope your alright! gotta go

love ya