Restless Comet Diary
2003-02-03 18:23:09 (UTC)

Poem for him and today's news

Hey...I wrote a poem because I was feeling like it....I
wanted to read it to my mother but I changed my mind...she
is too busy with her leaving and talking on the phone...

I see...

I see..Please don't say a word
Anything would be useless
It was too much and too nice
For me...
But I was for you a silly challenge
And you lost..
I see...Please forgive me
I'd like to thank you
For you've opened my eyes
And you helped me find happiness
If I ever made you angry
I didn't mean to,maybe I was wrong
And if I loved you...Please forgive me

There!Ummmm it's not beuatiful and I know poems are
never beautiful because I never think of them.I just write
what I feel and what comes into my mind at the moment.They
almost never have rhymes so lots of people said they are
not good poems.Well...I must admit it's true...but it
doesn't really matter.
Today it was just an ordinary day..nothing special
happened.I couldn't sleep last night....I don't know why.My
mom is really excited about her leaving and she is talking
to the greek on the phone like 5 times a day.I wish I could
have my own room again...I wish I could stare to the
ceiling and not hear any voice talking to someone else but
Noone even calls me lately...there was a time when I was
talking a lot too...but now noone calls anymore...and
honestly...I am not sure I feel like talking anymore...It's
pretty hard to feel a stranger in your own world...I'm
going to leave it soon..let's see if other worlds are
better.All I know is that a world is pleasant if you make
it pleasant.....
Fighting with my own life doesn't make me sad
anymore,doesn't scare me anymore...I know I can do it...I
will fight forever if I have to and i will never forget
about my heart.I will guide my life following my own ideas
of what a good life means.....
I'm smiling now and always...smiling is maybe the only free
thing in the world and a smile fills your heart up with joy
and hope........