The confusing epic of muh life
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2003-02-03 17:42:32 (UTC)

SciEnCe CEnTer DAY

gahahahahahahah man o man sam L cracks meh up i dont no if
i told u this yet but hahaha shes like wanna go 2 the
science center itll be fun we can make friends w/ lil kids
and plzy anf im like sure y not we were supposed 2 go 2 the
movies ut o well lol and kristens going whihc will be a
downer considering she always trys2 be funny like sam wen
shes not lol and we have 2 leave @ 11 !!!!! b /c kristen
has 2 be home by 3 so she can go out w/ alex the uglyiest
guy alive lol im so seriosu wen i say this2 lol ne wayz i
am excited b /c itll be interesting lol and omg drama
update sams best friend rachel(muh firned 2) kissed denny
(sams ex they broke p like a week or 2 ago) haha and denny
doesnt even like rachel he juz wanted 2 get sum and wen sam
and him were going out sam H gave him head and he got bjs
and stuff frum sum other girls so sam is upset and ivan
tells us all this stuff he is still telling meh his life
story which is boring b /c all that ever happened 2 heim
was he got kicked outta skool was on drugs went 2 military
skool and it juz happens over and over again lol and he
keeps jokin aroound asking meh out and stuff its funny and
hes so odd lol hummmmm i dont wanna admit it but i kinda
liike andrew but i dont want 2 and matt is so fun 2 talk 2
but i dont reali c him that way icould c him as a great b/f
but i juz dont really LIKE himuhhhg ne wayz o i no wut i
was gunna say i totally 4 got last nite i ended up going 2
fiddlesticks w/ gisselle and katlyn and we went golfing and
i didnt [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!! gisselle lost by 4 points haha i
suck at golf ne wayz weplayed dance revolution and here meh
and katlyn r 2 dancers that compete and we suck at this
stupid game lol ne wayz so we rode the go carts and muh
back kinda hurts this nmronig ne wayz the last 2 times that
we did it it was juz us 3 and i hit gisselle into the side
and iw as way ahead the whole time it was soooo fun and i
called matt on muh cell wen i was in 1 it was cool then the
2nd time i drove slow so they wouldnt hurt meh lol and o i
think its pissing matts friends off thtwe r on the fone
alot b /c like they told him get a room lol and they like
ask him y hes alwayz on the fone and shit so im gunna try
not 2 caall him as much but hes like muh best guy friend
and i tell him like all muh gossip and stuffso yea well ne
wayz i g2g sams gunna come soon and people keep talking and
there ims pop into muh typing so bye byez 4 now ! ; )

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