aemotion's sickness
2001-09-20 02:28:56 (UTC)

the first day

Well, it's not really the first day of this whole mess, but
it's the first day that i have realized i need an outlet
for the feelings growing inside. what an awkward situation.
workplace romance. *snort* yeah right. I wish there
were an office romance. but like the good little co-workers
we are, we're avoiding temptation.

see, this is a very different situation than most. first of
all, there are only two of us. there are supposed to be
three, but Candace left on maternity leave. that leaves
mike and i. we work in a small telecommunications store,
that is part of a chain of twelve stores. ive worked there
since the end of april. everything was okay while candace
was there. she deflected my attention from mark for the
most part, and there were a lot of other things going on in
my life. i was moving, there were constant battles with my
at-the-time roomates... things were kind of haywire. but
the candace left, and we were alone. well, on tuesdays and
thursdays we get relief staff from another store in a
nearby town, but on monday, wednesday, friday, saturday and
sunday, just us. and since i was meddled in a foul string
of useless and disastrously short relationships, i was kind
of looking for Mr. Right. I wish, oh how i wish, that that
person was not mike.

he's 21, only a year older than i am. tall, too... not what
a lot of chix would consider good looking, but the first
time i saw him my jaw almost dropped. big and built and his
eyes... oh my gods, his eyes. hes got a great sense of
humour and usually figures out a way to make me smile.

at first, we only talked while at work. then, we got to
calling each other while one of us was at work and the
other wasn't, but even then it was work-related. ie where
is mr. johnsons application, do you know when were getting
more nokia's in... so on and so forth. even when we saw
each other at the bar, we said hello and that was about it.
but then we started talking while alone in the store.

i cant talk about this anymore.