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2001-09-20 02:24:10 (UTC)

I need you that much!

"It wouldn't matter why we're apart, lonely miles or two
stubborn hearts/Nothing short of God above could turn me
away from your love/I need you that much..." Sara Evans-"No
Place That Far"

Sometimes I will be sitting along not thinking of anything
or just doing something silly that has no importance and
I'll smell Paul in the air. And I know he's not near me at
the time because he's obviously in Ohio but still. It's so
fucking weird...

Jeremey admitted to cheating on Cat. He said they broke up
and he didn't think Cat realized it. Cat says he never
broke up with her. It's upsetting. I want to kill him for
hurting her. I know she's hurting badly right now and I
can't comfort her. It's driving me insane. I feel like a
bad friend not being there.

I have other things on my mind but I'll write them later.

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