devils memoirs
2003-02-03 16:19:51 (UTC)

theres no way out(song)

spaced out
chased out
self esteem is
tearing down
i know i am
i know i am
so fuck off
your one of them

never seems to go away
they're always here
ill find a way
to make these feelings disappear
go away
ill find a way

finding out
falling down
all of the worries
I have to get out
but they dont seem to want me here
but yet im here to stay
the world is just a bottomless pit
Ill never find a way

getting out of my way
is the olny way to be
but all of you are here to stay
taunting me
forcing me to relinquish
my hopes
my desires
my dreams...
all gone
in an instant

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