FallnAngel's Journal
2003-02-03 16:15:34 (UTC)


The more and more i think about what happened with richy
last night the more and more mad i am getting. and now i
see thats some stupid ass chick has stuff about him in her
info and even has his screen name has her away message. all
i keep thinking about is how he use to talk to me before we
started going out and he had a girlfriend, and if he talks
to other people like that i plan on being really really
pissed! if he doesnt want to talk to me anymore...as stated
in his email to me...then fine...fuck him!

ok lets move on and talk about my weekend...friday i went
to the freestyle moto cross thing and it was so great! it
was rob, rabbit, dalyn, nikki, and me. i even had julian
wave to me!!! hes hot. then after it was over me and dalyn
went to kings to get some food.

Saturday i had to be at work at 6 am and worked till 4. we
were so busy and i was mad. then after work me and tara
went to see Chicago. it was a sneak preview at monroville.
it was a really really good movie and i am glad we decided
to go see it. oh yeah i forgot about my fake boyfriend
telling me i was really hot and i have nice boobs...damn if
me and richy break up, the fake boyfriend might have to
turn into the real one. (for those of you who are confused
about that, at work there are us three girls at work who
have crushes on these three boys at work...but we all have
boyfriends so we call them our fake ones and we just admire
them from afar.) well maybe i'll just fuck him! haha did i
say that??

Sunday i had to open at work for the first time ever and i
was not looking forward to being up at 4 am. but i was and
it was ok. then i came home from work and went to sleep for
a litle while...well four hours were a little while. then i
woke up and went to long john silvers for some food...it
was yummy!!! then i came on the internet and thats when i
got the email from richy and started the hell that i am
living right now. but again..i am not caring anymore....

ha, its kinda funny tho cause i wanted my boyfriend to come
home and now he is but for different reasons. and these
reasons are not good ones. alright i am done here...bye

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