Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-20 01:50:23 (UTC)

who cares

hey everyone
Sup ? NM ! I am sorry to nate and mick since I scared you
both last night ! I promise Never again ! lol ! Umm what
else oh ADAM ! I haven't talked to you in so long ! You
have to get online earlier ! Cause I never get to talk to
you ! I miss talking to you ! :( ! Plus my parents are
going to limit my AOL time ! Which is going to suck ! It
all has something to do with the fight we had last night !
Which was seriously stupid ! AHHHH! they drive me crazy !
Adam I want to go live with you !!!!!!! I love
you ! :) ! You are the only reason I get up in the
morning !!!!!! I love you so much ! I want to see you and
have you hold me!!!!!!! Urg ! I haven't talked to you in
so long !OMG I can't belive how long it has been ! Its
crazy ! I have to go ! Adam write in your journal please
and send me some responses to these journal entries and
please e-mail me ! I have to go to bed ! I have had like
such a hard past few days !
Love you always !