The void
2003-02-03 12:46:23 (UTC)

mY rUin

last night i had a dream, i was drowning again, you grabbed
my hand and pulled me to saftey,as i looked into your eyes
i saw my saviour the person that i knew had been there all
along just waiting for the chance to kill me.we kissed and
my mouth started to bleed, then all my teeth fell out, i
hate it when that happens.

wooo!! my ruin rule!

please forgive me for not being pretty or sexy but god
never blessed me.

fantstic lyrics!very anti-christian. Tarrie B is brilliant,
though i must admit her voice has no depth to it. she just
screams, there is no structure.shame.still i know i
wouldn't wanna bump into her in a dark alley!
s, iv'e been to college (I.T key skills) and no, i didn't
break the computers! yay! i nearly finished my assignment
bought some more ciggys again :(. i have made a set time
when i'm allowed to buy them. at the beginning of the week
when i can afford it and occasionally but ONLY occasionally
on the's not doing me any good, yeah it calms
me down at the time but it's killing myself slowly aint
it?! most would come back with " but you could get hit by a
bus tomorrow" yer at least i'll know i didn't assist in my
own death!freaks.
somethings up with my hair. it's gone strange on one side,
i think it;s the dye. it looks greasy but it's not at all.
it's just..really shiny, looks kinda burnt now i come to
think of it. oh shit, maybe i burnt it with the
sazene was laying the guilt trip on me earlier. wanted me
to stay at college for my five hour break. fuck off. like
i'm staying at college with a girl that acts like she's a
fuckin 5 year old!
as much as i want to perv at anna, tom, etc.. i decided to
come home.stops me smoking as well.
i'm so bored i might do a member search in a sec, see who's
online that i can talk to.
hehehe my ruin's on FULL BLAST here, can probbly hear it
halfway down the street.
having my brac off quietly excitied but at the
same time, quietly shitting myslef (not literally). it's
going to hurt i know it!eeeeek!
let your love surrounnnnnd meeeeeeee!! rrraaarrrrggghhhhh!!!