2001-09-20 01:35:03 (UTC)

I hate getting gas.

Ah, my 3rd journal. Three is my lucky/favorite number.
Not because I'm graduating in 2003, which I happened to
find out well AFTER I decided this. Anyways, I hate
getting gas. I was driving 'round town with Kat, and we
were about to go to IN'N'OUT. I try to turn left, and
*blech* the car is dead. I tried to restart it, nothing
happened, then I realized I was still in drive. Had to put
it in park, and turn the key. Eleanor sputtered for a bit
and I thought I was cut, but she pulled through. I believe
this was due to a lack of gasoline, cuz its only a 10
gallon tank...or so I thought. When we got to the 76 and
filled up, I realized I had gotten 10.1 gallons...I've
never seen the car take that much gas before...Ah well, no
biggie, I got out of that one alright. So yeah, hung out
at Kat's, played with Penny, made some brownies. YUM. I
discovered that I am extremely fantastic at stirring
stuff. Who woulda thought? Right. Went to IN'N'OUT,
Natalie came along. (I hate when people say Nats, it sounds
so icky) Came back covered in my food (blech) and I just
realized I'm getting rather detailed about 3 or so hours,
so anyways. I am gonna write more, but I'm gonna go watch
the sunset with Sara BB and Aaron...this'll be

Why does the color green mean go, yellow mean hold on, and
red mean stop? It's different for bannanas. Green means
hold on, yellow means go, and red means...where did you get
that bannana? Why not follow nature's expamples?