Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I
2003-02-03 11:55:14 (UTC)


I have to go to school today....Lucky me!! Bob couldn't get
the diary to open for him hahahaha!! Well, I lost one of my
earings at the fair yesturday.....That is 40 bucks down the
drain and I have had them forever!!
I'll write when I get home from shcool today!

I was a good day...I missed an im from jason and I missed his call
cuz I was doing stuff! My ma lost my soccer call while trying to
knock the iceicles down!! I can't find my glove cuz I wanna try out
for softball but I need to make sure my arm can handle it since I
hurt it one year fast pitching!! I havenottin to say! O bob annoyed
me on the bus so much...That is one thing that gets so annoying!