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2001-09-20 01:22:27 (UTC)

Bees like hunny

~*Man i havent written in a long time.Ive jus been so
busy plus my moms always kicking me off so i cant sign
on.Sux.everyone is swaping me with Ims too so that doesnt theyre fast typers.And im kinda slow
lol.Runnning and dance is now taking up my life.I have no
life runnning is fun.I know it sounds weird but
it really brings me up...other then the whole tired
thing.Im always out of it now.I am now on varsity incase i havent
told u yet.Man i dont even know what i write anymore so if i resay
something fuck it.oh wells.I will hafta type
later bc i jus cant do this.