The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2001-09-20 01:17:32 (UTC)

F Censorship

Fuck the fucking dickwads that decide they wanna ban
fucking songs. That is so fucking gay. Hey fucking
assholes ban every fucking song in the god damn world.
Thats right you heard me. Every fucking song can somehow
be traced to this incident. SO if you think you can go and
ban selected songs just ban them all. They can all invoke
bad feelings. What like are you not thinking. Music is a
way to express one self. And your fucking gonna band one
bands whole set of songs because they show politics. Why
not mike and mechanics living years. People lost their dads
so ban it assholes. People lost theirs sons and they didnt
get to say goodbye to their fathers. I mean come one those
facsist bastards are going to ban every single fucking song
out their. SO FUCK CENSORSHIP. If they wanna take music
away from us on the radio well fuck them. MXPX Im okay
your okay. Is everyone okay? Nope ban it. Blink 182s
josie. I know that everythings gonna be fine so they say
in the song. Well is everything gonna be fine. How are
you gonna make it fine for those who lost their family.
Yeah fucking right by bannin a few songs. Nope. Ban it. Oh
and what about new found glorys dressed to kill. They say
kill. Ban it. Oh what about Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Impression that i get,fucking ban it.


Im to pissed to say anything else.