Darling Heart

What i can't say
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2003-02-03 06:30:41 (UTC)

Just talked to jeff. sometimes..

Just talked to jeff. sometimes i was to just kill him, he
can be such a jerk sometimes. only he doens't know that
he's being a jerk. he doens't know that i still have
feelings for him. And he doesn't know how bad it makes me
feel when he says that now we can fool around because
things with him and jess are off (for now it seems). So
it's like i'm here when he's horny and doesn't have someone
else to get him off. Ok, thats not totally true. We are
really good friends, and i know he values or friendship.
And i think that maybe our friendship would be better if we
stopped with the messing around stuff for a while. i don't
know, i don't know what i think or what i feel.

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