Reinhardt boy

A funny thing called life!
2003-02-03 06:08:59 (UTC)

what a life

My life has seemed to repeat it self. i find my self making
the sme mistakes over and over again. Wow!! not a big
suprise . but what can you do . this past week has been
very stress full. i almost wnted o just go away from it
all. this thing is the only thingi can express myself
without letting people know what is going on in my head.
riht know though i don't even know what is going on. but i
don know one thing though soon it will all get better for
atleast a short peroid of time. I have strated working out
again it makes me happyit is the only thing i can do
without having to think about what is going on. next week i
plan on quiting smoking we will see how that goes. if it is
like every other time not to well. but hey i tried right?
well i will talk more later.