Simple Lies & Confusion
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2003-02-03 05:42:45 (UTC)

^Parties and Guns do not mix^

Well the party Saturday night was going well at the
start... I got drunk and talked to a lot of people that I
haven't in while... like John Mohr, Hunziker and Jesse...
it was fun for awhile there. John tried to get me to go in
his pick up and leave w/ him. I TURNED HIM DOWN! Like I
really liked this guy and shit and I wanted to fuck him a
long time ago and I turned him down TWICE... I kissed him
though! hehe... Blake Segabarth was out there too... I
wanted him like B4 I dated Kendal! WOWY! He is still
pretty cute too... he doesn't remember me and this good
b/c at age 15 or so I was pretty stupid... lol... Well
then a bunch of idiots like Weston, Brandy, Josh, Buster
and shit were really stupid and started fights and shit
well they left and Travis chased them and shot some rounds
off in the air. Then came back and got his ass chewed...
people yelled at him and he cried and I had to comfort
him. Then Buster and they all came back w/ a gun and Randy
got his out and there were a few fired in the air and
there was a BIG brawl... then Travis and I saw the cops
and bolted to the house! Randy told all the miners to get
in the house and Marianne, Travis and I pretended to sleep
in his bed and Jon Ellerbrock hid in the closet... The
cops left and we all sat around and talked and then left
about 3ish?? I showed some boobies... a lot... I hate that
I do that when I am drunk... But yeah... it was a fucked
up night... Brandy got hit and was bleeding and shit...
WOW! NE WHO! That was Saturday night... Friday I went to
the bar and didn't do to much that night... But Today is
Sunday and I stayed home... I didn't sleep well last night
and I took a nap at like 5:30 till 7:30 and so yeah... I
need some more sleep... NE way... weekend is through and
I’m going to head... talk to you lata! BUH BYE! LUVS!

Rie Jo

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