devils memoirs
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2003-02-03 05:37:39 (UTC)

life in full bloom(poem)

im out of touch
im in the room
im turning away
from life in full bloom
im getting in the car
im turning the fuckin key
and you just start running
running here to save me

but dont worry im here to stay
i dont need you but you need me anyway
you stupid bitch,you do nothing but lie
and now i figured out that its my turn
to die.

get out, get out, get out, and i will find
that everything is so unkind and
looking at society..ive found myself
buried in misery

im at the cliff
im walking towards
the edge of life
or so it seems
whos unkind now
youll just talk about me soon
but no matter how hard i try
no matter how much i weep
youll find me here in heavens keep
or if so...leading towards this disaster
who is my master.i am my master
my life has been blow to peices as so a balloon
I guess ill never find life in full bloom

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