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2001-09-20 00:54:09 (UTC)

9/19/01----And in the beginning...

Hello my fellow Americans. This is my first ever entry on
this online diary. Hmm..what happened today?? Um I went to
band practice. It rained so we had it inside. It was a
pretty good practice. Lol, my family is having a big fight
right now. I'm just ignoring them like usual. I just sit
back and laugh. HAHAHAHA. Thats me. Laughing. Hey, Jenna,
if you ever need a ride, just call Mandy's cell phone and
she'll come and get you. Mmmkay?? Wellll, I gotta pee so
I'm gonna go. Adios! P.S. I know this is stupid, but I
have no life. Jamie, you can relate. Lol, jk babe.

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