Life's Words
2003-02-03 05:34:09 (UTC)

Life's Beginning

The beginning of life is a long journey with roads to
take, choices to make, and friends to have.

You start with nothing as you grow your personalitie woll
change your paths will changes your friends will also.

You only have this chance once, choose all the right roads
and if you fail never give up cause in this so called game
of life you only have 1 life so make it bright. Dont
choose all of the wrong paths at the beginning or else
your life will be trapped in the deep darkness of your

I have chosen the wrong paths at the beginning but i
turned back at the sight of darkness if something feels
wrong change it dont go deeper into proplems

Take a chance also dont be afrid of telling someone
something its all part of this circle of life.

Take my word i have seen the wrong paths but i am now on
one that god gave me to walk on. If you dont take my word
it may seem like life is good right now but later you wont
feel so good.