2001-09-20 00:45:21 (UTC)


Well today was pretty regular. In P.E. we played some
weird game which involved scooters, a humongous ball, and
people getting kicked in the face. Then I didn't do much
else in school, but I tried to get a seizure by staring at
a "psychadelic" screen saver in my physics class. There's
not much to do in there once you're done with your labs. I
went to dinner at Fazoli's and found a pubic hair in my
pizza. I was no longer hungry. After that I went to the
mall and wandered around aimlessly with a goal to buy
something, but as usual, since I actually had money and
wanted to get something, I couldn't find anything I liked,
so I just bought a random shirt that I'm not even sure I
like. I also really annoyed my friend by going into
Suncoast and pressing one of those South Park Timmy dolls
which makes "retarded" noises over and over. I really
should've bought that. It was unusually amusing. I have a
big test in Algebra II tomorrow which I'm pretty confident
about...confident that I'm going to fail. Well I have to
go take my car to get an oil change, so I'm done writing
for today.

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