"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-09-20 00:34:20 (UTC)

The day before the game

Hey!! I have been at school and it was pretty boring. Mr.
Doss is back. whoopie! We had to take notes in his class
about the whole time and we finehed this movie. It was
pretty good what I saw. Well, 4th is probably my favorite
beside jennifer and Amanda. Amanda does not bother me but
she looks like every 5 seconds today at the end of class
Tiffani said Andrew watch she will look at you. LOL she did
I thought that was very funny. Well anyways, Jennifer came
up to me as usual and Tiffani defened me (thank god) as
ususal I am glad of that. That girl would worry me to
death. So Tiffani if she ever needs a favor I will do it no
questions ask. Practice wasn't hard at all today but I hate
I am on everything but Punt team Because I never come off
the field. The good news is that I am starting again. That
is good I love to play Quarterback. We have a game
tomorrow and right now we are 1-2 but after tomorrow we
will be 2-2. I have a very good feeling we will win.
Tiffani, Sarah, Matt, and me might go do something this
weekend I dont know what. I hope we do I like to go do
stuff with them you know there really kool. Nice also,
Well I guess I am going to go I might write again. I'm out#3