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2003-02-03 04:39:26 (UTC)

Dan's night 1

So I went over to Dan's house today. Naturally, I was
horney. Him and I usually fool around a little bit, but I
hadn't seen him for a few days, and hadn't fooled around
with him for even more. So we hung out, watched thumb
wars, etc., but he just didn't respond to any flirting. He
wouldn't kiss me or anything. So a bit later we went into
his room and hung out, under the black lights and to cool
tunes, we kissed a bit. We got into a little tickle fight
finally, and he made me take my pants off. Thank god I
shaved today. So then we kissed, tongue kissed, and he
slid my panties off, I was happy he was able to do it so quickly and
smoothly. I made him take off his shirt. Then he gently played with
my clit for a second to make me giggle because he knows how much it
tickles. Then he slid maybe 2 fingers into me while we were
kissing. I was laying on the bed, and he leant over me on his side,
one had down between my legs and the other holding himself up. The
kissing end of it was up to me, he was a little distracted. His two
fingers were inside of my wet pussy and he gently moved them around,
sort of just randomly flicking them all over. It felt really good,
then he slid one more in I think and began the rubbing. It sent
tingles through me. For a few minutes he rubbed that spot just right
until i started to get wet enough and moaned a little bit. Then he
did the usual two fingers in and out really quickly. That feels so
good, just like sex. he has no idea how good it feels. In and it
touches the g-spot, out and it moves the clit. It makes me so wet I
get it everywhere. I was moaning, then he began to moan a little,
which I found was a little weird. Then I quickly realized that he
had cum in his pants. It'd been awhile since we'd been together, and
so of course he got really into it. Not to mention I felt the wet
spot a bit. But he was switching between in and out and rubbing the
g-spot. Then he strictly went in and out really fast, and I told
him, "harder, harder". He did, he went so fast and hard that I came
within a minute. It felt so good, like the world disappeared and I
was flying. OMG. Then afterward it had been so great