2001-09-20 00:18:46 (UTC)


Today I took Kim home and then took her to
work. She lives in a different town than me but it's cool
though. I didn't mind. She said that she would call me
after she got off. She said that she has been neglecting
some of her class's. As long as she calls and says I'm
okay, you are on my mind, I miss you, and bye, I will be
okay. Well maybe says I miss you two times I would anyway.
I guess I'm the type of person to call that special person
from their frontporch and say I couldn't make it, sneak in
her window and give her breakfast in bed. I like surprises
like that. Don't you!???!!!!???!?!??!?
She also said that if I feel like I am being
neglected tell her. Well if your reading this I want you
to know that I understand completely. I guess I will close
for now. Miss you Kim! Peace in NYC! PLEASE?