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2001-09-20 00:18:01 (UTC)

Nothing new....

Well, let's see. I was late getting into work as usual
today. I stayed up too late last nite, like always. Not
enough time in the day to pc and read..:( (sigh)
Ummm...not much happened at work today. I was having an ok
day unfortunately I had to do a mag return and a video
markdown which always sucks but i got all the 29.95 movies
done..only have 59.95 left. In the middle R calls to talk
to me about buying a house from team driver and I really
dont wantto cuz we just moved! I dont feel like doing it
all over again..(sigh) would anyone in there right mind? We
have only been here one month and two days!!!! I like it
here. :( Then after that I was in a generally bad mood and
customers were pissing me off. I have never heard so many
dumb questions at any other job than this one. It is
unbelievable. I bookshelved a bunch of movies which left 3
shelves empty so people start coming in going "where did
all the movies go?" all in a we were closing
down or sumthin..geez..people are fuckin ignorant. So now i
am a home after i went and got my daily dose of magazines
from Schnucks and grilled cheese from Steak 'n' Shake.yum
I miss having friends. I'd like to make more but over the
internet it's a little hard. C came into work tonite and I
thought at first she was gonna be bitchy but she seemed ok.
I saw her at the bar Sat nite but i dont feel the need to
hang out with my employees, ya know? That is always bad
news. I'd like to dress up for halloween for work but there
is one person who doesnt want to so they ruin it for the
rest of us. Actually i might just not schedule her for that
day. Party Pooper. Got our refund check today. Yay! well,
sees ya...b

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