shifting mists
2001-09-20 00:07:39 (UTC)

are my oars in the water? ...

... i love you so much ... you make me feel so special .. so
beautiful .. so loved and wanted ... those aren't the
reasons i love you, or well .. not the only reasons ... they
are added bonuses ...

Time ...
I've been passing time watching trains go by
All of my life ...

... you make me feel different than i've ever felt with
anyone else .... i've never had anyone touch my soul the way
that you do ... never had anyone awaken hope within my soul
before .... and i have been existing in a hopeless life for
so long that i'd given up thinking i'd ever experience it
again .... had completely forgotten what hope even felt like

Lying on the sand, watching seabirds fly
Wishing there would be
Someone there at home with me ...
Something's telling me it might be you
It's telling me it might be you ...
All of my life ...

... "i need you" ... scary words ... the first time i
responded it was hesitated .... a hesitated "i think i need
you too" ... but in reality .. in being honest with myself
.... i realize that i do need you .... i need you for my
hope to survive ... that hope that lights up my days and
nights .. illuminates my future with a glow that was not
there before .... that hope for things i wanted but never
knew i wanted because i buried those wants so deep inside
myself ... hope for things like marriage and children .. and
my dream .... you bring to life the hope that i am worthy of
love ... worthy of being cherished and cared for ... worthy
of more than a lonely, dreary existence of meaningless
"relationships" .... you awakened this hope within me ...
and you keep it alive with your love ....

Looking back as lovers go walking past ...
All of my life
Wondering how they met and what makes it last
If I found the place
Would I recognize the face?
Something's telling me it might be you
Yeah, it's telling me it might be you

... sometimes i feel silly writing these things to you ...
because in the past i have received letters and words like
this from others and been exasperated ... had rolled my eyes
.... i have never done this with you ... for some reason
receiving words from you is different ... where they might
be bothersome from another ... instead, from you, they are
touching words that caress my soul ... feeding my hope and
nurturing my love ... i cherish them just as i cherish your
love ...

So many quiet walks to take
So many dreams to wake
And we've so much love to make
I think we're gonna need some time
Maybe all we need is time ...
And it's telling me it might be you
All of my life ...

... but i worry that you might do the same someday as i have
done to others ... that you will decide my words are too
sappy ... too lovelorn ... i feel like i am rushing myself
... and though i'm scared ..... i don't want to stop ....
how can i feel like i'm rushing myself and you not feel that
i'm rushing you also? ....

I've been saving love songs and lullabies
And there's so much more
No one's ever heard before ...

... i too want to be with you ... hate being so far away
from you .... i too wish to build a life with you ... wish
to be your wife ... for you to be my husband ... to mesh my
future togethe with yours and make it ours ....

Something's telling me it might be you
Yeah, it's telling me it must be you
And I'm feeling it'll just be you
All of my life ...
It's you ...

... i love you ...

Lyrics courtesy of the song "It Might Be You"
by Stephen Bishop