Lil Ems

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2001-09-20 00:07:05 (UTC)


im so happy and relieved about some things in my life that
i could just jump up and down with joy!! ::starts to jump::
...nah... anyways things are gong VERY well and it looks
like life is normal (if there is such a thing). im really
tired from skool and shopping (grrrr my mom wouldnt let me
go home and made me keep shopping for ring mass clothes...
it really sucked cuz i realized how fucking fat i am). i
think i will nap soon. this is getting to be a boring
journal/entry so i think i'll save you the time and trouble
and stop writing. i'll be back when i have something even
remotely interesting to say.


mood: exhausted
associable quote: "dicks are for my friends when they come
to my house..."
-mindless self indulgence
(ok t wasnt associable but it was cute)

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