Sarah's Journal
2001-09-19 23:37:50 (UTC)

It's too cold in here

Ok, so it's like probably not THAT cold, but i'm always
cold. I had my anthropology test this morning, I think it
went over ok. I [hopefully] got at least a B . . .

So, here are my grumbles on life:
1) I hate medicine, and I hate medicine I have to take
every day
2) Being a girl is sometimes very cool, but not all the time
3) I don't like to be cold =(

Here are some bright points:
1) I am talking to Adam from Oregon and he's really
cool . . . I'll just never probably get to meet him cuz he
lives . . . well . . . in OREGON . . . kinda far from
ohio :-/
2) the cutie from down the hall came to talk to me -
probably just cuz he was boredom but I'd like to think
3) My hair doesn't look like COMPLETE crap!
4) ummmmmm . . wait, that's all

Anyhow, I have a Rock and Roll test to study for tonight,
and a chapter summary for my history group . . . I don't
want to get off of here, but I should, so I will. SOmeone
PLEASE respond to this - I wanna see what happens when you

~~love and hugs~~
Sarah @}--,--'--

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