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2003-02-03 03:01:44 (UTC)


Do you know how much easier life would be with out
emotions? I mean we wouldnt have to worry about being hurt
or worrying about someone or sumthing. but then again on
the other side we would never know all the good emotions
such as love and happiness and alladat good stuff.
Sometimes it just seems that the bad emotions weight all
the good ones down and you go into a state of depression.
This year has already been one of the hardest years of my
life and its only been this year for about a month. Man
thiz Stinketh majorly. And itz sooo much stuff that is
pulling me down. Its a vortex that just sucks me and its
soo hard to get out if i ever can. I HATE IT!! its not a
sin to hate things instead of people iz it? i hope not cuz
i really do.
If anyone reads this and thinks that my problems are
pathetic in comparison to yours...your probably right b/c i
do have it pretty good i guess in comparison to others.
Maybe you can send me a reply about your problems and i
will feel better knowing that mine are just minute little
things that will pass with time. I know that the statement
i just said is true but its so incredibly hard to be
patient. Sometimes i wish that time didnt exist, or you
could just speed it up or rewind it or minipulate it in
anyway that you so disered. Anywayz i got to spilt now. so